How to Convince a Reader (Not) to Read Your Book

1. Use a cover that looks like it was designed by your color blind 6-year-old niece, avoid proper book formatting & cover design. Your book cover design should have completely jarring colors and illegible font. […]

Selling Your Genre

Is your cover selling your book genre? Pretend with me for a moment. You’re a fifty-year-old woman who wants to curl up with her fifteen cats and a low-key romantic read this weekend. You want […]

What is Self-Publishing?

Self-Publishing is like… Having a cat Cats are unpredictable. If you’ve owned them for a while, you know their personalities, and you can usually know what they’re going to do. But it takes time and […]

You’ve got an idea for a book. Now what?

You want to write a book? Join the club! How do you leave the ranks of “dreamer” and join those crazy alcoholics who call themselves “novelists”? Turn your idea for a book into reality? Read […]

Book cover design – How to get it right

Once you have written the perfect book, you need to go about getting published. Many authors fade into mediocrity even though they have really good content; by completely ignoring the importance of a great Book […]

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