Authors Should Author, Designers Design

Authors are an intelligent and creative breed, weaving words into works of art that entertain and inspire. Most authors, however, are not artistically inclined in visual media. This is where things can get tricky when […]

The Cover Counts

While we’ve been told the opposite since childhood, a book’s cover is going to be heavily judged. As an author, this should both terrify and excite you. A well-designed book cover can sell a teen […]

Awesome Book Trailers

Selling a book is all about setting the mood to the story and evoking various emotions that will allow the reader better insight to what’s inside. Book trailers may be a fairly new concept but […]

Let me design your next cover

I know how important your book is to you. You’ve spent countless hours researching, writing, editing and perfecting your piece of art.  You are passionate about this crucial final element – the all-important cover. What […]

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