Selling a book is all about setting the mood to the story and evoking various emotions that will allow the reader better insight to what’s inside. Book trailers may be a fairly new concept but it is indeed one that works and works well, especially when they’re AWESOME book trailers.

Readers now have a quick and exciting way to view the story through a high quality audio visual experience. We also select the very best in audio sound tracks to accompany the exciting visuals while at the same time covering all the key elements of the book through text bursts or voiceover. Once this is done you have an AWESOME book trailer to assist with reaching your sales target.
We have three packages available to cater for individual needs and budgets.

All packages are designed in the same way with high quality audio sound tracks, text bursts or voiceovers explaining the story or subject, and are between 1 to 2 minutes in length. The only difference between the three packages is the usage of either still images which we animate to create movement and fluidity, and the use of video footage.

The Standard Package has no video footage and is designed completely with photo and images.
The Enhanced Package is designed with a combination of animated images and video footage.
The Ultra Package is created entirely with video footage.

Check out the Book Trailers page for more details


Covert Reich Trailer

Happy Hour

Slave Trade

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