Once you have written the perfect book, you need to go about getting published. Many authors fade into mediocrity even though they have really good content; by completely ignoring the importance of a great Book cover design. No matter how good your writing is, how gripping the story and how informative the information, no one is going to pick it up and read it if it doesn’t look exciting.Book Cover Design

So what can a good Book cover Design do

The right book cover can sell your book for you. One of the most important senses is the sense of sight and people are attracted to good-looking products. A good attractive book cover is essential in provoking the reader to want to buy the book you have written. A great book cover design can give a hint of the story within, and invite the reader to learn more by taking a look inside. A great first chapter plus a good book cover design equals great sales.

What makes a good book cover design?

One of the most important things to remember when you are looking for a good book cover design is to choose one that suits your content. If the book is a sad story, there’s not really much point in having a bold bright colour as the cover, as you will attract the wrong readers to your book, and they more than likely will not purchase your book once they’ve read the synopsis.  Similarly, if your book is exciting and action packed, you would not want a picture of a lonely person on the front. Making the right impression is imperative and if you get it right, you can dramatically increase sales of your book.

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