There are a vast amount of benefits when you get an amazing front cover for your book, your work will stand out on the shelf of the bookstore. Have you considered the images used which are commonplace such as when romance novels go with the image of a handsome man or a pretty woman? This is enticing the readers into the passion that is written within the pages. The theme tends to be, the more skin that is shown on the image, the racier it is between the pages. Would you find these images on a true crime or educational book? Just imagine the confusion of your reader when they buy a book with a romantic cover, only to find a crime novel within the cover. Taking this into account, the knowledge of book cover designers is more important than just creating pictures. This is why finding the right one is so cover designers

How can I choose the best book cover designers?

Book cover designers have a great wealth of knowledge in different fields of design. In order to choose the right one, you should think about the reputation of the team and how they have worked with authors in the past. At, all of our book cover designers are used to working with authors to incorporate their vision into the book covers they create. We work together with you to ensure that your book cover design reflects the nature of your book, and creates a good impression on the reader which makes them want to open your book and begin to read it.

Is it not just a case of recreating a scene from the book?

At, our book cover designers tend to find that just creating a scene for the cover of a book is not really a great idea. It tends to dilute the message of the whole book and when it comes to the cover of your book, you need to create a tangible emotion in order to make your readers feel the way the book is meant to make them feel. We have several ways of doing this, and out experienced team will create the cover that is right for your book as a whole.