Self-publication and representing yourself in the literary market is more common than ever. The reason for this is that many major publications, such as Penguin or Random House, do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. This means that authors need a literary agent to act as their go between, and getting a literary agent to take you on as an author can be very difficult. Rejection is the name of the game. In lieu of this, online publishing platforms have become majorly successful – and popular. Writers can no publish as they see fit, which has created a surge in the demand for freelance editors, designers and illustrators. Book cover designers have been a big part of this surge in demand, and for good reason.

Choose a Professional

Publishing a book, whether you intend for it to be an eBook, print work or both, requires a professionally designed cover if authors Cover Designerwant any chance at successful marketing. A book cover designer has not only the challenge of creating an author’s vision, but they have to create it in a digital format to meet the requirements of various publishing platforms – and create an entirely different version if an author intends to utilize a print on demand(POD) press.

Find someone with a reputation for success

Cover Designers need to know what to present to the market in order to be successful – their designs must be eye catching, well thought out, and well executed. Originality is a big part of a cover designer’s job. There are many freelance book cover designers available for hire, so choosing one from the crowd can be tough. Considering things such as awards one, recommendation, reputation and volume of completed work, can all help to narrow down the field.

Is it affordable?

There are some really great cover designers available for very reasonable prices. Depending on what you want, prices can vary greatly. This is, however, one of those situations where you certainly get what you pay for. If you want 100% control, the right to request multiple changes and a cover that comes in multiple formats, you’ll have to pay for it.

I don’t know what I want

That’s not a problem. Cover designers have years of experience in graphic design and the book industry. They can help you decide where to begin, what will or won’t work and how to incorporate it all in an attractive cover. It is a collaborative effort where the author’s satisfaction is their primary concern.

At DamonZa, we have all the experience and skills you need to get the award-winning, eye-catching book cover you have dreamed about. Our cover designers work hard to provide you with exactly what you are after, and they will change the cover as many times as necessary to make you happy. If you are on the market for an original book cover design that will get your work noticed and make your marketing plans a success, consider DamonZa today. You won’t be disappointed and we can’t wait to start your project.