Although the saying goes that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, as a society that is usually what we always do. So when it comes to actual books, it’s even more important to have a good first impression when it comes to the cover design.

The cover design of a book does most of the work, so it has to be impeccable—both digitally and in-person. It has to scream “Pick me up” or “read me!”

Design your book cover yourself?

So, why not design your own book cover? It should be easy, right? After all, you wrote the book, so you’re obviously the best person for the job. Actually, this is not the case. Unless you’re as talentedesign a book coverd as a graphic cover designer as you are an author, people aren’t going to take notice of your book.

Think of it this way. The window of opportunity to profit from your book is very small, along with the area you have to work with – only 6” by 9”. The cover design has to communicate in seconds what your book is about, the tone of your book, the mode, the genre, etc., and it has to reach and appeal to the audience you are trying to target.

The best marketing tool for a book is the cover

The cover design of a book is an invitation to potential readers to investigate it. Its job is to persuade them to leave their world and enter into your world for a while, so your characters can entertain them. If it does not look enticing, that won’t happen. Thus, an eye-catching cover design that speaks to potential readers is the most important marketing tool you need.

What happens if the cover design of your book looks unprofessional?

If the cover design of your book looks like an amateur created it, what first impression do you think you’re going to give to your readers? More than likely, they are going to think the book is also written by a novice writer.

Professional book cover designers have insight into what a great book cover should look like, because they are professionals who do it for a living. If you want to sell your book online at Amazon, or have it in stores such as Barnes & Noble, it has to look like it belongs there.

Hiring a cover designer for your book

Think of the cover design of your book as an investment. You may think it will cost a fortune, but this is not the case. There are talented book cover designers who are affordable and deliver high-quality work as well. But remember, to make the best first impression possible you need to invest in a professional book cover designer.

At Damonza, we are book cover design specialists – both in print and digital formats. If you want to make a dynamic first impression, let our team of graphic designers create your cover. Check out our cover design packages, previous work, and testimonials on our website for more information about the kind of work we do.