Here at Damonza, we know that writing a book is a very serious undertaking. Bringing the characters and scenes in your imagination to life is fun and rewarding, but at the end of the day your book is a commercial product that needs to be sold. We can help you with that. Our e-book cover designers will provide you with high-resolution finished artwork that will capture the essence and meaning of your story.

You are involved every step of the way – we create the e-book cover according to your specifications. Here are some tips on how to get the cover you need:

  • Consider your target audience over your personal preferences: Perhaps you prefer soothing colors and muted tones over brash, bright colors; however, don’t let your personal preferences interfere with what will reach your target audience. If your novel is based on a fast-paced world, has chaotic scenes or takes place in a vibrant alternate reality, you want your cover to reflect that.
  • Don’t be afraid of white space: White, or negative, space in a design can be very impactful. If you are planning a cover that does not have a lot of graphics/photos or text, you can still create a dynamic, attention-grabbing cover by using white space to your advantage. There are plenty of examples online using white space on a book cover.
  • Understand the psychology of color: Color is strongly tied to emotion. By using certain color schemes in your book cover design, you access the emotional response of your potential readers. For example, red is considered a “warm” color when used to depict love and comfort. If your cover shows an embracing couple, the message is stronger if the woman is wearing a red dress. Red is also considered an intense color. A red dress on a woman or a red background against strong black text sends a message of strength, power and intrigue. Spend some time getting to know how color ties into emotions and you will be better able to create a cover that speaks directly to your target audience.
  • Don’t be offensive: This should go without saying, but what offends people is so varied it warrants further discussion. There is a very fine line between art and pornography. Yes, the graceful nudes of the Renaissance and the Greek statues of men and women proudly baring all are art. However, nudity on a cover is bound to alienate what could be a profitable selection of readership. When it comes to the depiction of nudity, drug use, graphic violence or anything else that may make book sellers wince and readers cover the eyes of their children, err on the side of caution. If you really want something daring, a couple with the “naughty bits” discreetly covered by a sheet in bed sends the same message as a couple frolicking au natural. A needle on a table gives just as much of a hint to the content of the novel as does a man shooting up with his eyes rolled back and track marks on his arm. You may want to send the message that “this is a dark and gritty novel of truth!” but if you repel your audience, they will dismiss your book without a second glance. On the same tangent, don’t forget your “Warning: Graphic Content” label. If your book is aimed at a mature readership, be sure to point that out on the cover.

Your book is a work of art; but don’t forget, it is also a product. Make it as marketable as possible with a cover that brings all your words together, but also entices as many readers as possible to choose your title over the hundreds of others available.

Damonza looks forward to helping you make your book a reality by offering several cover design packages for books and eBooks. Contact us today to get started.