The work of artists can be seen everywhere. Some are creating their masterpieces on canvas while others are using mediums such as bridges, sides of walls, recycled materials, bodies, billboards and even book covers. They are expressing emotion, creating passion, telling a story or sharing an experience through mediums large and small. Many are particular about the mediums they choose, as it is a reflection of what they wish to present through their art to the world – such can be said about a book cover designer.

A book cover designer

The majority of book cover designers or artists work as freelancers; they are contracted project by project and work from their own spaces with their own resources. This allows a particular amount of freedom when choosing projects and shapes how projects are completed. Diligent artists can undertake numerous contracts at any given time, or they can allow their schedules to dictate the amount of work accepted and when. For many artists, this freedom from “working for the man” allows their creative juices to flow even more, and allows them to ensure they have an appropriate work-life balance (something we are all trying to accomplish in this crazy world). Personality-wise, it takes a particular type of person to be a successful and professional book cover designer – you have to be organized and meticulous with respect to detail, timelines, expectations and clear, concise communication.

The process

Unique to the art of book cover designer is the potential collaboration between two separate ‘artists’, the author of the book and the artist of the book cover. Sometimes,book cover design inspiration the two artists will have a chance to explore together what the essence of the art should be. Other times, the book cover designer may read the book, or a synopsis of the book, and create a cover that reflects the interpretation of the story—this will also incorporate the author’s vision for his or her work.


As the author, you never have to worry about your vision being lost in the art when you are working with book cover designers like DamonZa. Our book and e-book cover designers have over 30 years combined experience in the design and advertising industry. We are highly skilled at turning abstract concepts into powerful and effective imagery, and with access to a database of over 20 million royalty-free images, you never need to be concerned about image licensing or royalty costs.

Even more important is that our entire approach is based on working closely with you to determine what you are looking for, and to ensure that our images reflect what you anticipated. We will provide at least 2 book cover designer options for you to choose from. Our goal is to ensure you are 100% happy with the final artwork, and we will not require you to purchase it unless you are. If you are interested in working together to create your masterpiece, contact us by e-mail at or reach us on our Facebook page