You have just created your masterpiece. Perhaps it is your first book or part of a series you have written – either way, you have given so much of yourself and spent countless hours researching, writing, editing and perfecting your piece of art. Now you want to share it with the world and you want everyone to want it. So what do you do to get people to want it – what are some marketing strategies to increase your book sales?

Let’s be honest, our society is very much a visual one. The greatest advantage one can have is to have their masterpiece stand out – the most successful marketing strategy to increase your book sales is to make your book stand out – make the cover unbelievable – make the cover speak to what is hidden within the pages – to tickle the imagination, give a hint as to what magic exists without giving away too much. There is a particular art of creating such art.

Here at Damonza, we can do this for you. Our book and eBook cover designers have over 30 years combined experience in the design and advertising industry. We are highly skilled at turning abstract concepts into powerful and effective imagery, and with access to a database of over 20 million royalty-free images, you never need to be concerned about image licensing or royalty costs.

Our Process

We work very closely with you to determine what you are looking forward to, and ensure that our images reflect what you anticipated. Our turnaround time is very quick, your order will be complete within 10-12 days of placing your order. We will provide at least 2 book cover designer options for you to choose from. After changes and final approval, we’ll provide you with print-ready file or high-res JPEG ready for upload, along with a rendered 3D version for marketing, if required. Our goal is to ensure you are 100% happy with the final artwork and we will not require you to purchase it unless you are. Before you even commit to undertaking this process, do your homework by taking a look at some of the sample covers that we have recently designed.


There are a few options to help you get started. You can select one of the cover design packages we have put together to order your professional eBook or book cover design. All packages include the complete transfer of the rights to the author. Prices range from $395 to Marketing Strategies Increase BookS ales$720. If however you are on a strict budget, we offer a cover solution for under $200. These predesigned eBook covers are completely unique, and are available for you to purchase as they are (with minor changes) for only $195. Once you’ve purchased your cover, it is removed from this gallery, will not be sold to anybody else, and all rights will be transferred to you (subject to image licensing rights). The changes that are included in this package are the wording and font, color changes to the font or background and minor position changes of text or image elements.

If you are interested in working together to create your masterpiece, contact us by e-mail or Skype: Damon.Za