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There’s a heady mix of ecstasy and relief that comes with holding your completed book manuscript in your hands. You’ve done it. The story has been told. This must be how Tolstoy felt when he finished War and Peace.

But no, it probably wasn’t. Because Tolstoy, the smart man that he was, knew that the completion of the manuscript was just a step in the right direction. The book still had to be formatted, marketed and sold before it was read. But there’s no need to fret, because here at Damonza we offer a variety of other services on top of our book cover design, all of which aim to ensure your book is as professional a publication as possible.

Book Trailers & Formatting Services & More

A bad layout, even one that is ever-so-slightly off, can severely affect the legibility of your book for your readers. But a great layout will have them forgetting that they’re even reading, and allow them to immerse themselves in the world you’ve created. Damonza’s formatters are experts in sculpting the insides of your book into the most easily digestible text possible.

Book trailers are a relatively new concept, but are taking the publishing world by storm. You can now have a blockbuster-style trailer produced for your latest book, giving it the feel and legitimacy of something backed by the world’s biggest publishing houses! Our book trailer experts are ready to go full Hollywood on your latest nove

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Other than book trailers & formatting, all additional elements must be ordered as optional extras when placing the order for your cover design.