Formatting and Layout

A great layout shows, and enhances the readability for your readers and allows them to breeze through the pages as they enjoy the content. A great book layout isn’t noticed because the reader is paying more attention to what’s being read rather than how it’s laid out. Bad layout is immediately noticed and gives the reader a difficult time in finding the rhythm he/she needs to flow through it.A book that is not properly organized and formatted is difficult to read and causes frustration among readers.We are good at what we do and we ask you for the opportunity to do what we do best.So, what do you get?Lets start with what do we need?

  • Send us your final, proofread, manuscript in electronic format.
  • Provide us with any specific details which you require for your book.
  • That’s it…

You get unlimited revisions and we can provide you with eBook layout as well as Print book layout.


We create the design and the typesetter (also known as layout or composition) from your manuscript and thus making it ready for final print or e-book production. It’s important for us to keep the layout consistent with the genre of the book so that it appeals to the future reader.

We will also keep in contact with the author throughout the process so that your valued input is translated into the layout of your book.

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There are three packages to choose from:

EBook formatting and layout

This package takes your final manuscript into an eBook format which can be used by retailers such as, Barnes and Nobles, kobo, lulu, smashwords and more. On completion of the project you will receive an EPUB and mobi file which you will be able to upload to all online retailers as your eBook version. Read more…
Book Formatting & Layout

We will take your final manuscript and format it so that it’s 100% ready for print. We also follow strict formatting guidelines to ensure your book looks, reads and feels professional. Read more…
Formatting and Layout for both Print and Ebook

Let us take care of both ebook and print for you. We offer a great service and pride ourselves in helping first time authors along the way. Read more…