Never judge a book by its cover, the old saying goes. Sure, in an ideal world books wouldn’t be judged by their covers; instead they’d be judged by the quality of the text within. But do you actually read an excerpt from every book you glance at in the bookstore or on Amazon? No, you judge it by its cover. You judge that thing so bad.

Damonza are ready to design you a cover with powerful, compelling and irresistible imagery that will help to ensure that your book gets read. And the proof is in our portfolio.

Below are just some of the thousands of covers designed by Damonza over the last few years. Click to browse through samples of recent Fiction and Non-Fiction cover designs, as well as Formatting and Book Trailer samples. New samples are added every few weeks.

And while you’re there, why not check out our predesigned book covers as well?

Fiction Book Cover Samples

A selection of more than 600 fiction book cover designs spanning a wide variety of genres.

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Non-Fiction Book Cover Samples

A selection of more than 100 non-fiction book cover designs encompassing an array of subject matter.

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Book Trailer Samples

Book Trailer Samples

Some recent examples of book trailers produced for both self-published authors and publishing houses.

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Book Formatting Samples

Book Formatting Samples

Some basic examples of layout and formatting that Damonza can apply to your manuscript.

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