Book Social Media Packages

Righto. You’re ready to go. Not only have you written the next Hunger Games, Twilight or Sapiens, you’ve also arranged an outrageously incredible cover, formatted the interior to perfection, setup your Amazon page, and uploaded your files to KDP. Now what?

After convincing your family and friends to order and review your book, and starting to randomly contact old classmates and pretend you’re interested in connecting with them in order to tell them about your latest opus, you may find there’s not quite the uptake of your book that you were hoping for. Getting your book “out there” can be difficult, and it takes work. One of the most cost-effective ways of spreading the news is, of course, through social media (but you knew that already). And our book social media packages can help with that by providing the branded content and images that you can use to promote your book on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else!

This offering is brand new, and we’re still tweaking and changing things. Consider the below packages a starting point. We’re happy to adjust these elements as you need them and replace certain items with others. The first step is to place an order with the closest package to what you’re looking for.

These packages are available for any books with an approved cover as we base these designs on the look of that cover. And, as with all our packages, if you’re not happy with the initial draft designs (or don’t see a future where we can get it right), we offer a full refund of your deposit.