The Enhanced Trailer Package

Enhanced Professional Book Trailers: Still images and video footage – $ 1,600

A step up from the standard package, our enhanced trailer offers authors an even more eye-catching piece of marketing material than our standard offering. Rather than just stylising and animating still images, enhanced trailers are made with a 50/50 split of still imagery and high quality video footage. Get ready for a book trailer that wouldn’t look out of place on a cinema screen.

The Enhanced Package: $1600 (Still Images and Video Footage)

Our mid-range package, enhanced book trailers mix video footage and still images, and include:

  •         Music
  •         Animated still images
  •         10-20 pieces of video footage
  •         Text bursts
  •         Availability of book on credit screen
  •         The use of a high quality MP4 video file or other format is available on request
  •         The first draft will be supplied within 15 days
  •         Unlimited changes
  •         100% money back guarantee

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Once you have completed the briefing form you will be contacted by us to confirm your request and to discuss your trailer. We will provide a watermarked draft within 15 days of receiving your brief and confirmation. The balance payment will be due only once you are 100% happy with your trailer.

Extra: Want some silken tones laid over the top of your video? A professional voiceover can be added for just $150 (dependent on script). And before you ask, that rate is (unfortunately) somewhat below Morgan Freeman’s asking price. All images are purchased from ShutterStock. Should you require images from other stock image sites you will be charged over and above the package cost for the additional images. Additional footage is charged at $79 per clip.

Please note: Although we try our best to fit the images available on ShutterStock to the look of your characters, the limitations of available imagery can mean that there are times when this isn’t possible. It could just be that you’re too creative! In these cases we will improvise with what is available; but don’t worry, we’ll still make your trailer look as awesome as you’d dreamed!

If you’ve got a specific idea of what you’re after in a book trailer you’re welcome to speak to us about your budget and expectations – we may be able to customize a package for you!

All trailers are between 1 minute and 2 minutes in length.

All images and video footage are purchased from royalty free vendors.

All trailers are discussed in depth before production begins in order to ensure you get the product you’re looking for, and that any budgetary constraints are met.