Tips Hiring Right Book Cover DesignerWriting a book is a thoughtful and meticulous process that is literally part of the writer’s own mind.  A good book tells a story in such a gripping way that the reader cannot stop until the entire story is told.  An author wants nothing more than to have their readers enjoy this experience as many times as possible, however, no matter how gripping and tantalizing their story is a reader must first be inclined to pick up their product.  A book cover will determine if a reader even gives a book a second glance while sitting on a book shelf.  Without an eye catching cover, a potential reader may never even have realized that your particular book had existed.

In order to make your book prominent in a sea of other writer’s products, you must have a cover that stands out from the rest.  At this same time, you want your book cover to accurately portray the mood and message that your book is meant to have.  Many times, the book cover is the only illustration that your entire publication will possess.  How do you know what to look for when choosing a book cover designer?

Your book cover designer needs to be able to give you a design that is original because you want your book to be unique.  Your book cover designer must have access to their own wide-range of images and templates that are custom and original.  They must be able to offer you a variety of options for the type of book you have written.

In addition to a need for variety in images, comes the need for variety in the medium.  These days, just as many digital books are being read as hardcopy books.  Your book cover will need to be able to be used by all types, both printed and digital.  You want to be able to use this same cover for the sake of consistency. You must be able to receive all types of formats from your book cover designer.

Most importantly is communication.  No matter how established and creative your book design company is, you will not get far if you are unable to communicate with them.  They need to fully understand your vision and your message and be able to put that into a design.  Whether you want the mood to be light and airy or dark and mysterious, the reader should immediately feel what you feel as soon as they look at the book cover.  Communication is key to any successful company, and it is truer when it comes to book cover design specialists.

When choosing your book cover designer, choose one that will give you the exact results that you are hoping for. By keeping a few simple guidelines in mind, you will receive your perfect book cover design at the price you want, the way you wanted it and as fast as you wanted it.  At Damonza, we strive to be just that.  Our experience has taught us exactly how to give you the best results you had ever expected possible.  View our website and talk to our staff to see just how we can with you to provide you with an amazing book cover design that will emphasize the tone of your entire publication.