Books have long been compared to other worlds. When we read, we lose ourselves in the words and the mind of the author. It’s like an escape from the world that we know in a world where anything could happen, and very often does. Writing is a different experience than reading, but it is also a journey into another world… a world that the author creates during the writing process, and wants readers to explore. thinks of a book’s cover as a door half open, inviting readers to come on in! There are a few ways that authors and cover designers can collaborate to make that door as tempting as possible.

Know Your Goals

When you were creating your world, who did you imagine would be the most likely to climb in and make themselves at home? Is your book mostly aimed at adults or teenagers? Romance enthusiasts or mystery lovers? Imaginative fiction fans or curious non-fiction readers? Let know what you want your cover to say about your book. We can make your adventure novel say “This is going to be so much fun!” or have your horror story hiss out a threatening (but so tempting) “Read if you dare!” Just tell us what you want your “door” to say.

Bring Your Inspiration at the Table

Nobody knows your book world better than you do! offers a huge selection of beautiful, eye-catching artwork… so huge, in fact, that we need your help in choosing the perfect cover for your book. Don’t be afraid to tell us your ideas when you come to us for your book cover. Whether your vision is dazzling color or stark black-and-white, we want to know where you’d like us to start. You might be surprised how closely we can match your ideas… or how perfect a mix of your ideas and our artwork can turn out to be!


Communication is Magic

At, we believe that the best covers happen somewhere at the intersection of our magic and yours. You have the talent to create a new world and bring it to life, and we have the skill to create a cover that makes people want to pick up your book and dig in. When a designer and an author communicate freely about their ideas, their choices and their inspiration, the results are astonishing. Listen to your designer and see how your ideas can help make the design even better, and don’t ever be afraid to speak your mind!

Contact Us and See What We Can Do

Seeing your book in its very own cover is an awesome experience for an author. Damonza is proud to be a part of that experience for authors like you. We know that your written world is worth exploring and we want to help people find their way into the magical place you’ve created. We have talent, experience and knowledge and we’re eager to see what our art and your magic look like when they meet. Let us build the door to your world!