Budget Ebook Cover Design

The Damonza Budget eBook Cover Design Package: $395

This package is best suited for a cover that does not require complex scene creation and you have a clear vision for the concept, or is part of a series that already has an established look. If your order doesn’t fit that criteria, it may not be accepted, in which case we will provide a full refund.

The package includes:

  • One eBook cover design draft, based on your specifications in the order form
  • 3 rounds of changes to that eBook cover draft, or we may design a new option at our discretion
  • A 3D rendering of your cover for marketing purposes
  • A high resolution JPEG ready to upload
  • The layered Photoshop file of your cover
  • Royalty-free stock images from Shutterstock.com (over 100 million images)*

Optional extras include:

  • eBook formatting/creation (from $195)
  • Paperback or hardcover print file (from $150)
  • Audiobook cover ($40)
  • Facebook or still web banners ($60)
  • Poster-sized file ($20)
  • Animated cover for social media promotion ($95)

Excludes Character Creation – If your Ebook cover requires a particular type of person or group of people there will be an additional cost to create these characters, based on the complexity. This usually starts at $250, and a separate quote will be provided for this service. If you would like a cost on this aspect before submitting your full brief and paying a deposit, please e-mail us. PLEASE NOTE: This is not recommended. Simpler book covers with more abstract concepts are ALWAYS better.

All for only $395**

50% deposit is required in advance, with the balance to be paid on final approval. After you’ve completed the briefing form, you will be directed to the payment page (through PayPal).

This means that you will receive one Ebook cover design draft within 14 days. You can make three rounds of changes to that draft or we may choose to design a new draft option.  Ultimately we want you to be happy. As with all our packages, this service offers a 100% money-back guarantee if we can’t get it right.

IMPORTANT: As with character creation, we strongly recommend NOT attempting to convey a specific scene from the book on its cover. A potential reader will typically skim over your cover, looking at it for just 2 seconds before deciding whether or not to investigate further. Couple this with the fact that your cover will be displayed in thumbnail size online, and it’s obvious that depicting a scene will overcomplicate things. At Damonza we want your book to be read. The first step is to create a cover that grabs a reader’s attention, and this is best done through simplicity. For more information and advice on covers that sell, please click here (opens in a separate window).

After completing the briefing form, we require a 50% deposit. If you encounter problems with this, please contact us.

Before completing your order, please read this note on our terms and conditions.

*All images used on the cover are royalty-free and sourced from Shutterstock.com. The cost of your cover design includes the rights to use these images and is limited to a print-run of 500,000 units, or sales in the case of ebooks. For unlimited usage, there would be an additional fee of approximately $100 per image. For more information on the licensing of images, please visit http://www.shutterstock.com/licensing.mhtml. Should you wish to purchase the unlimited usage rights at the time of ordering, or at any point in future, please let us know.
Please note, this price is for authors only. For publishers, please contact us for pricing.