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Everyone likes an underdog story. Show me a person who doesn’t love Cool Runnings and I’ll show you a liar. But while comparisons to Jamaican bobsled teams may be tenuous, damonza.com did start out similarly modest and unassuming. Founded by Damon Freeman in 2012 as nothing more than a side project, Damonza has since grown into a trailblazer in book cover design, formatting and marketing. Having built an incredibly talented and passionate team, Damonza has produced thousands of book covers for a multitude of authors since its foundation, including many New York Times and USA Today bestsellers.

At Damonza cover design is more than just our job; it’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. To us there’s no better feeling than turning an author’s dream into reality. We love what we do, and you’re sure to love it too!

Damon Freeman


After spending 18 years in the design and advertising industries, and having launched several successful businesses during that period, Damon Freeman began to dabble in book cover design part-time in 2011. Damon’s entrance into the industry fortuitously coincided with the explosion of self-publishing, and by 2012 this side project had turned into a thriving business. After initially doing his best to hold down a full time job and simultaneously run Damonza, Damon eventually found out that he disappointingly wasn’t a cyborg that could run 24 hours a day without sleeping, and decided to concentrate on his new venture full time. After finding some amazing designers that had a similarly deep passion for cover design, Damon has since taken on more of a general leadership role in the business, ensuring the firm’s exacting design standards continue to be upheld.

Benjamin Carrancho

Benjamin’s design and marketing career began in 2000, and before joining Damonza he’d been involved in the development of three very successful businesses in the field. Since answering Damon’s call in 2012 Benjamin has become an absolutely invaluable member of the team, and is now responsible for the delivery of everything that happens inside the book. His creative talent combined with his eye for detail ensure that every book that Damonza is involved with has the greatest possible chance of success.
Just don’t forget us little people when you make it big.


We’re super grateful to all the authors and publishers who’ve taken the time to pay us a compliment or write a testimonial.

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