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Is your mind brimming with eloquent quips, novel-inspired daydreams, or meticulous drafts? Do your fingers dance upon the keyboard crafting blogs, weaving tales, or spinning reviews? Would they like to tango with a little extra cash, pirouetting through payments while showcasing stellar book cover designs and formatting finesse? Then, pirouette your gaze to!

Our affiliate program isn’t just a club, it’s a veritable waltz with words, a foxtrot with funds. How, you ask? It’s simple. For each budding author you twirl our way through your unique referral link, you earn some dazzling commissions. You’ll be spinning more than tales; you’ll be spinning money!

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Please note that we only accept affiliates that are already recognised in the publishing industry and serious about promoting our services. We do not accept generic coupon websites.

Our standard referral fee is currently 5%


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