Boosting Creativity: How AI Enhances Book Cover Design

Creativity. Is it just a human trait? Answer: yes and no. Could a robot, for example, kick off an article with such a stunning, thought provoking haiku? Honestly, these days, yeah. And that’s not a bad thing. Welcome to the fourth and final article in our series exploring generative AI in book cover design. From […]

AI in Design: Just Another Tool in a Cover Designer’s Toolkit

Remember that time you spent an entire day tracking an antelope across the Savannah, tiring it out until it collapsed from heat exhaustion, ensuring you and your family would eat that night? If you do remember that time, I have a lot of questions. Most of us don’t because humans have spent millennia working on […]

What now? The Legal and Ethical Use of AI in Book Cover Design

It’s come with a rush. Between ChatGPT and image generators like Midjourney and DALL-E, we now find ourselves in a world unrecognizable from the one we called home just 12 months ago. If, in early 2022, you gave me two minutes to write 500 words on the impact of Elton John on eyewear culture AND […]

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