Conjuring the Perfect Fantasy Book Cover: Tips from Top Designers

Conjuring the Perfect Fantasy Book Cover: Tips from Top Designers

As a fantasy author, you've spent countless hours (and possibly a few sleepless nights) weaving a mesmerizing tale that whisks your readers away to a realm of magic, adventure, and enchantment. But to truly captivate their imaginations, your book's cover design must be as spellbinding as the story within. Fear not, weary wordsmith, for we […]

How to Self-Publish Your Next Book Using Amazon KDP

Self-Publish Your Next Book Using Amazon KDP

Welcome to the exciting world of self-publishing! In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of publishing your book with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Let's dive into the first steps to make your literary masterpiece available to the world. What is Amazon KDP? Amazon KDP has become a popular choice for authors looking […]

Unlocking the Magic of Fantasy Book Cover Design: Tips and Tricks

Fantasy Book Cover Design

As a fantasy author, you know that your book cover is the first thing your potential readers will see. It's essential to capture their attention and make them want to dive into your story. That's why having a stunning book cover is crucial to the success of your book. But how do you create a […]

Book Cover Designer Portfolios: What to Look for and How to Evaluate Them

When it comes to self-publishing, one of the most critical aspects is your book's cover design. A professional and eye-catching cover can make all the difference in capturing the attention of potential readers. That's why it's essential to evaluate book cover designer portfolios carefully before choosing the perfect one for your project. In this article, […]

Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Book Cover Designer

Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Book Cover Designer

As an author, you understand the importance of a professional book cover design in drawing readers to your work. While you might be tempted to DIY the cover design, there are several reasons why it's best to leave this task to the experts. Before you choose a book cover designer, it's essential to ask the […]

Hardcover vs Paperback – Which is right for your book?


The humble book cover was initially designed to do nothing more than protect the valuable pages it encapsulated. At a time when a monk could spend a literal lifetime creating a perfectly crafted copy of the King James Bible, you didn’t want Gary from accounting strolling through and spilling his morning coffee on the lovingly […]

How Does the Damonza Cover Design Process Play Out?

Design Process

Producing a beautiful cover for your newly completed book is the last leg of the journey – the final wrapping of the literary gift. But for those in the market for a cover, how exactly does this process play out? Without intending to pump up our own tyres, with 30 years of combined experience, here […]

Things to Think about When It Comes to Creating Your Book’s Title

Your book’s title. Never will an author place so high a value on so small an amount of words. And by no means is the magnitude of this choice misguided. Choosing a title will be as big a decision as any that you’ll make in the writing process. No pressure. What makes a good title? […]

What Do I Look for in a Good Book Cover Design Firm?

It's us

In certain professions, ability, to some degree, can be measured at a glance. If you want to hire a jockey, don’t go for the one who looks just as likely to eat the horse as he does to ride it. If you’re hunting for a mountainous bowl of traditional Italian pasta, a Nonna with a […]

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